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A Full Municipal Liaison Team for NaNoWriMo 2022!

It takes a lot to make NaNoWriMo happen in our region. It’s not just about putting on the events: it’s about planning it in advance, hyping up the energy with events in September and October before get to the main event, and then maintaining our own writing while keeping stuff going through the month of November.

Having a whole team of MLs is good for everybody. It means that the MLs as individuals have the opportunity to share the load of responsibilities. It means that writers in our area know they have someone living in their part of our region who they can look for at a Write-in or other event. And it means that we’re all having a good time because we’re all able to write!

Having a ML team of four is pretty decadent, frankly. There are MLs who serve alone for a vast region of folk. Having so many MLs for our region is a luxury, and one we don’t take for granted.

I (Kyra) am so grateful to announce that John Walters has signed up for a second year as a Municipal Liaison. Look forward to seeing him at write-ins this Fall!

We’re also excited to introduce two new MLs to the team this year! Let’s introduce longtime Guild members Lindsay Clark and Howard Wolke to y’all!

Howard Wolke has been involved with the MWWG for almost three years and is thrilled to be a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo this year. Writing has always been a passion for him and in the last few years he has focused his work on YA and MG fantasy and speculative fiction. Howard’s first novel, “Cryptid Academy” will be coming out at the end of November of this year. When not writing, Howard is either teaching (this will be his 18th year teaching in middle school) or taking care of his kids (12 and 9). 

Lindsay Clark is a lifelong reader and writer who particularly enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology. She’s a big fan of time travel and British comedies. Lindsay works at a boutique innovation consulting firm by day and writes by night. When not writing, she likes to explore other creative hobbies (including painting, jewelry making, and baking), travel, and play tennis and ski. 

Look forward to seeing Lindsay and Howard at our upcoming NaNo-related events! Be sure to say thank you when you do!

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