MetroWest Writers’ Guild

It’s a Myth that Writers Write Alone

At the MetroWest Writers Guild, we believe that being part of a community of supportive writers is the best way for a writer to learn, grow, and be successful in their craft.

All of your favorite writers had community: critique groups, exchange partners, early readers, mentor editors, and/or great teachers.

People who told them to keep going and keep working! That is the mission of the Guild: to provide encouragement, resources, time, space, and tools for your storytelling.

A Community of Teachers and Learners

A Guild is an organization of people who teach each other, learn from each other, innovate together, and advocate for each other. When you’re part of a Guild, you’re recognized as a person who has something to contribute and something to learn. That’s why we encourage our writers to teach fellow Guild members what they know (about their profession, or their craft, or anything else they know) and we offer accessible classes about the writing craft and profession by professionals in our area.