MetroWest Writers’ Guild

The Guild is Throwing a Party and You’re Invited!

We’re launching the Fiddlehead Folio on December 2nd and we’re throwing a party to celebrate! Come join us!

And actually, it’s not just a “party,” it’s an Extravaganza, because we’re celebrating our 7 Guild authors who are seeing their stories in print that day and we’re also celebrating the launch of the Writers’ Loft Press’ Gnomes and Ungnomes anthology, which features over 100 writers and illustrators, including 3 Guild members! We’re so excited!

Since we’re celebrating the work of two awesome MetroWest Literary Communities, we thought we’d do it up big: so we’re selling books, doing readings, putting out kid crafts, inviting artisans, and doing the MOST!

The best part? We’re hoping folk will come see us and buy a bunch of books and then go to the Hudson Holiday Stroll, which is right after the event! That’s right! Support our local artists and then go shop small businesses that evening! How wonderful will that be??

We’d like to thank the Massachusetts Cultural Council for supporting our event with a Festivals grant. We’d like to thank the Writers’ Loft for hosting us. We’d like to thank YOU for marking your calendar and then coming to see us! Our Literary Extravaganza and Book Bazaar is on Saturday, December 2nd, from 10am to 3pm at the Writers’ Loft: 43 Broad Street, Suite B404b in Hudson, MA!

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