MetroWest Writers’ Guild

Introducing: Puddingstone Press

Polished Section of Hertfordshire Puddingstone, Hertford Museum

Your story holds multitudes. Our story holds multitudes.

We are a community of writers. Each member of our Guild holds a story within them. Our community itself is writing a story: one of trying and failing and succeeding and all the things in-between. The Guild is a dream slowly brought to life by the folk who join and participate in it. The Guild holds multitudes because the people who join hold multitudes within themselves. Though we’re one entity, a community of writers, a Guild–we are actually an amalgamation of many ideas, stories and dreams. This is why we’re naming our small press after the Roxbury Puddingstone. We aim to publish beautiful, diverse stories by Guild members, each unique but collected under our umbrella, reflecting individual and collective beauty.

We’re building Puddingstone Press for Guild writers who want to see their books on the shelves.

We understand that not every writer in our community wants to publish their work and we support that. We also understand that there are writers in our community who only want to publish their work with traditional publishers and we support that, too! Puddingstone Press is for Guild writers who would like to professionally share their stories using the shared resources of the Guild.

Puddingstone Press books will be produced with care; professionally edited and formatted, printed for distribution and published in digital formats. We will partner with our favorite local independent bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops to put books on local shelves. We’ll also sell ebooks on our website and through distributors. We’ll build an audience for our writers through our annual journal, the Fiddlehead Folio, a monthly newsletter and online blog.

Puddingstone Press is a promise kept and a continued promise to our community.

Puddingstone Press is the official small press of the MetroWest Writers’ Guild. For now, it’s the official publisher of the Fiddlehead Folio. In the future, Puddingstone Press will publish books written by Guild members. Puddingstone Press will be a professional press: stories and books will go through an editorial process to ensure quality and readability. We will contract with copy editors and designers to create beautiful books. We will work with local bookstores and our partner libraries to put our books on the shelves. We will also sell our books online. The Press will be our outlet and showcase branch with the purpose of putting our stories in the hands of readers in our community and beyond. We’re at the very beginnings of what the Press is and what it can become.

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