MetroWest Writers’ Guild

Happy Birthday MWWG!

Over 20 Classes and programs

10 Write-ins and counting

2 Retreats

1 Potluck


Field Trips

NaNoWriMo Gatherings

Book Launches

It’s the one-year anniversary of the MetroWest Writer’s Guild as a newly incorporated organization and this train isn’t stopping! The amazing amount of programming the Guild collectively put on this year was well attended and valuable.

I have pages of notes from the classes I attended and there is STILL Guild programming I haven’t gotten to yet. There’s no doubt I’m a better writer now than I was a year ago with the help of the Guild.

Here’s why. Every time I take a class, attend a book reading, or discuss mine or others’ writing, I learn something new.

Every time.

Each teacher, each writer, each story has a unique voice that says something I’ve heard before in a fresh new way. Hearing things in a new way helps me build pathways of understanding I didn’t have before and these pathways lead me to my own words and voice.

Watching the Guild grow has been inspiring. It’s collective energy and excitement lifts us all.

And I’m so here to see what the next year brings!

Happy Birthday MetroWest Writer’s Guild!

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