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With Your Support, We Can Do a Lot for Writers in Massachusetts and Beyond

New writers need time, space, and support to achieve their storytelling goals. Our writers range from hobby writers to fan fiction writers, dungeon masters in the making to author-entrepreneurs, memoirists to novelists, and every other writer-identity you can think of. When you support our programming, you support their journeys.

Because the Guild is a 501(c)3 charity, your supportive contribution will be tax deductible and deeply appreciated by our community!

Support Our NaNoWriMo Programs

During the months of September through November, we offer special programming in support of National Novel-Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which challenges anybody and everybody to write a novel (50,000 words) in 30 days. To encourage our community of writers, we offer a NaNoGame-O! which puts community members into teams, offers special prizes as incentives, and celebrates a crazy month of writing with abandon.

You can support our program by making donations toward our pre-NaNo programs (which allows us to pay professional instructors to teach classes) and our during-NaNo programs (which allows us to purchases prizes for our Kick-off Party, our “We’re in this together” mid-November gathering, and our Thank God It’s Over Party when we give out the big prizes from NaNoGame-O!).

Support Our Year-Round Operations

Every month of the year, we provide a private Circle.So community, leader-run small groups for writers who want to write in an accountability and exchange group, and hire instructors from different storytelling traditions to teach our members. Donating to our year-round programming helps us assure that we can pay for our private online community, where our members can feel comfortable posting their work for review and feedback, and also helps us pay an honorarium to our talented instructors.

Your support also means that we can keep our fees for classes at an affordable price for new writers just starting to invest in their craft. Finally, we seek to found a small press for our Guild in 2023, giving our writers an outlet to publish their work professionally in a nurturing setting.

Become a Sustaining Sponsor

The Guild has always been rooted in uplifting Massachusetts small businesses that are naturally part of the writing-community’s ecosystem. Independent bookstores and writing software firms have been just the start of our program sponsors. We enjoy partnering with companies to expand the awareness of our writers and extend the potential audience of the small businesses we love.

Are you a small business looking to do good in the writing world? We’re a community of 200 writers (and growing every day!) who are looking to partner with you! Reach out to talk about sponsoring an upcoming event, class, or other programming!

We gratefully accept funding from Donor-Advised Funds

“I’m growing as a writer and human! When I joined a few years ago I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have confidence in myself as a writer or feel that what I wanted to share was of interest to anyone else. I feel more confident now in my writing routine and process (took a while to figure out what works best for me). I love the MWWG community. I’m excited to write the stories that have been swarming in me. Thank you!!”

Guild Member, 2022

Let’s work together to support writers in their craft!