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Since 2019, we’ve been a community dedicated to the collective dreaming of aspiring writers living in Massachusetts. As the publishing landscape continues to change, we are committed to providing supportive space and community to aspiring writers.

2024 Instructors include Rebecca Caprara, A.Y. Chao, Nicole Lesperance, Mona West, Nikki Turpin, Luke Elliot, and more!

What is the Guild’s Premium Membership program? 

The MetroWest Writers’ Guild’s Premium Membership program offers writers the opportunity to access all of the year’s 1-day class offerings for one single fee, benefit from a significant discount for our multi-week classes and multi-day retreats, access exclusive content and partnerships, and opportunities to submit work to our small press. The membership program allows writers the flexibility to take classes, access videos of our single-day classes for the membership year, and have access to the Guild’s readership base for marketing their stories. 

What is the purpose of the Premium Membership program? 

The purpose of the Premium Membership program is to sustain Guild operations with reliable income, benefiting all writers in the Guild’s community. The program is designed to help the Guild continue to stabilize and grow while also providing extra encouragement and support for members via our small press and exclusive benefits.

What are the benefits of the Premium Membership program? 

Premium Members are given the following benefits: 

  • Ten free single-session classes given roughly once a month. 
  • Access to class recordings for the duration of their membership. 
  • 30% off all multi-week class fees. 
  • 30% off all Guild retreats (Kickstart Your Writing Retreat in January and Fall Retreat in September) 
  • Opportunity to submit work to the Guild’s annual journal and go through a professional editorial process on your work. (Starting in 2023)  
  • Opportunity to submit novel-length work to the Guild’s small press and go through a professional editorial process for potential publication. (Starting in 2024)

How much does Premium Membership cost: 

$200 a year OR $20 a month. 

What is the membership fee used for? 

The membership fee goes toward general Guild operations, including paying honorariums for our instructors.

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