MetroWest Writers’ Guild

Susan J. Morris teaches Tied Up in Strings: How Internal Tension Moves Your Characters


April 11, 2023    
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm


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Explore the difference between cross-tension and forward tension and how to effectively use them to give your story magnetism and forward drive.


Tension: it’s the heart of the page-turner, the muscle behind a plot that won’t let go, the indescribable need to read just one more chapter. But just as there are different kinds of muscle fibers, there are different kinds of tension, with different purposes—and the balance between them shapes your story.
In this workshop, we’ll dissect how cross-tension and forward-tension work throughout the structure of a story to shape the flow, focus, tone, reader investment, and retention of information. Then, we’ll put those analytical tools to work, working together to create a tension map of The Hunger Games and then using that map to identify the effect it has on the reader experience, as well as the implications for title, genre, and fit in the marketplace.
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Guild classes are recorded. Participants will have access to the video for 3 months after the class. 

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